📈Marketing & Customer Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring more Chads is essential

$CHAD's main focus for gaining market share will be on strong community building and community member acquisition. The following list of strategies will be implemented in no particular order to achieve that goal:

  • Partnerships with relevant community projects

  • Effective paid ad placement on relevant sites (Dexscreener, Twitter, etc.)

  • Implementation of traffic from channel Daily Dose Of Memes

  • Content creation through (Content type implemented from Daily Dose Of Memes):

    • Youtube Shorts

    • Tik Tok

    • Twitter

    • Instagram Reels

  • Content creation revolving around trending topics in corresponding niches (ex. CryptoTwitter)

  • Periodical content creation competitions with Chad Coin supply as a price

  • Weekly spaces to keep the community updated

Community member retention will be Chad's top priority and will be upheld by active team of admins in the Telegram channel.

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