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The Chads behind the community takeover


  • Roman & Steve are participating in a community takeover for promotional purposes only and are NOT involved in the creation or development of the actual token associated with this project. Their involvement is limited to community engagement and does not extend to any form of token development, management, or distribution decisions. Please conduct your own due diligence before participating or investing in any cryptocurrency projects.

Chad Roman comes originally from Czech republic. Thanks to his passion for Tennis, he managed to snatch an international athlete scholarship for a D1 university tennis program and graduated with honors at University of Alabama at Birmingham with Bachelor's degree specializing in finance. Thanks to an extra COVID year, he managed to extend his studies and graduate with honors and receive Masters title in Business Administration in 2023.

In parallel with his studies, Roman specializes in content creation, particularly focusing on Youtube. Through year 2020 till today, he managed to grow his Youtube Channel Daily Dose Of Memes from 0 to over 1.2 million subscribers and 400 billion views.

Roman tipped his toes into the cryptocurrency space for the first time in 2020. His initial interest came from the doomsday deadlines of Bitcoin reaching low $3 thousands on the COVID news. He managed to buy up Bitcoin with his savings before the price crossed the $10,000 mark and never came back. Later in 2021, he was part of the retail crowd and invested in safe haven cryptocurrencies, including $TIME, $JEWEL, $METIS, and $OHM.

Ending his professional career in Tennis, he switched his focus to a recently discovered meme project $CHAD. The potential for the cultural movement a Chad Thundercock could be convinced Roman to invest his efforts into the project. Roman invested his own capital to acquire an undisclosed % of supply from an open market. He is in no way directly rewarded for managing the community takeover.


Contact: info@chadcoin.com

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