A lore-rich project

During the severe cryptocurrency downturn of 2023, several meme-centric projects emerged, notably $PEPE, $WOJAK, and $CHAD. Each born within hours of each other, these coins were destined to run. Believed to be created by the controversial group behind Milady NFTs, these projects are filled with lore. The run in 2023 was legendary. Despite little to no interest in the markets at the time, $PEPE was able to achieve what no other meme project - move past 1 billion USD market cap. Along with $PEPE, $WOJAK and $CHAD were gearing up for a great run. $WOJAK as an independent meme project, and $CHAD as a MemeFi reliant on $PEPE. Unfortunately, the plans for $PEPE changed and with that the mintable feature of the token was gone, which $CHAD heavily relied on. The original $CHAD developer tried launching a secondary token that would act as a yield token for $CHAD - $GAINZ token, however because of very little popularity, that did not work out. The original developer, believed to be Charlotte Fang, the creator of Milady NFT, decided to rug the $GAINZ contract staking pool, making the $CHAD balance unable to be withdrawn. With that, he also deleted the original site, sold off the original Telegram and deleted his Telegram account.

Fast forward a whole year into 2023, $CHAD Coin has been rebranded to $CHAD Thundercock and is going strong with its new vision.

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