The "Chad" Phenomenon & its forms

Emerging from the prejudiced discussions on 4chan, the archetype of "the Chad" has evolved in numerous ways. From the initial douchebag "virgin vs. chad" meme to the portrayal of a blonde, bearded figure affirming positivity, transitioning into the depiction of a physically imposing "giga chad" – a figure some aspire to be. Nonetheless, one constant remains: the enduring presence of the cool Chad figure. Why you may ask!? This phenomenon isn’t without reason; it is fuelled by the undying core desire of every man - to be a Chad. Consequently, the portrayal of "Chad" is ever-changing, driven by the prevailing currents of social media algorithms and public discourse, potentially dating back as far as the historical accounts of Genghis Khan. However, this is where $CHAD steps in to give the Chad Thundercock a clear path.

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